The Photoshop by Coralie Vogelaar


Coralie Vogelaar (1981) is a Dutch artist and designer.She graduated in 2007 from the Sandberg Institute in the Netherlands. After that she was an artist in residence at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. She has published a number of conceptual books, in which she combines personal fascinations with visual criticism of culture.

In 2006 she published a fictitious stock photo book as an art project. The book contains staged news photos. The idea behind the book is that newspaper editors could buy the photos in the book. Apart from the stock photos the book contains a text by Hans Aarsman and a series of the making-of photos.

Originally The Photoshop was published by Veenman Publishers from the Netherlands. When Veenman stopped its activities, the stock was bought and is now offered to the public through this website. Why? Because we feel this book is an important book in the Dutch photography and design world and should remain available.

In 2009 Coralie published the book ‘Dearest Tinkebell’, together with the artist Tinkebell.

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